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Best Practice in the College
Best Practice in the College............................................................
1. Clearly stated Goals and Objectives.
2. Academic Flexibility.
3. Feed back from Academic Peers and Society.
4. Extension Lectures on various Topics
5. Effective Teaching-Learning Programmes
6. Continuous Monitoring of Student Progress
7. Reliable Student Assessment Procedure
8. Opportunities for the teachers for continued Academic Progress and Professional Development.
9. Development of Research Culture among Teachers and Students.
10 . Adequate Physical Facilities
11. Continuous Growth of Infrastructure.
12. Effective Mechanism for Maintenance.
13. Effective Management and communication system.
14. Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) and Quality Advising Committee (QAC).
15. Well designed Activity Calendar
16. Effective Academic and Administrative Planning with Participation & Transparency.
17. Welfare Schemes for all constituents.
18. Regular Preparation of Accounts, Budgeting and Auditing.
19. Judiciously allocated Finances and effective utilization of Funds.
20. Sensitivity towards changing Educational, Social and Market demands.
21. Promotion of Creativity and Innovations.
22. Value based education with Social responsibility.
23. Management by Objectives (MBO) and Management by Exceptions (MBE).
24. SWOC Analysis
25. Guidance and Counseling Bureau and Grievances Redressal Cell for Staff and Students.
26. Alumni Association.
27. Equal opportunity College.
28. Green Audit , Innovative Book Keeping System with Monthly audit.
29. Theatre , Music, Dance and Literary Workshops for students.
30. Water Harvesting and Waste Water Management.


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